How does your garden grow?

8 Jul

The Smith Community Garden got off to a rough start this year. We found out last fall that our two new sites behind Northrup-Gillet were right above the steam tunnels used to heat the college—and that repairs needed to be done this spring. This meant that, in the space that had previously been our garden, there would be a big, gaping hole for the first few weeks of the growing season. This wouldn’t be a huge deal other than the fact that we’re a college community garden and, therefore, the large majority of our members are really only around for those first few weeks. So, the steam tunnel repairs not only meant that most of our members would miss out on planting this spring, but also that a pretty small group of people (myself and two others) were responsible for reassembling our site from the tire-track ridden mess it had been become.

Somehow, in between panic attacks and simply being too overwhelmed to move, we managed to pull through. Now, almost a month later, the garden has finally started to look like a garden again—not a tire track in site, and plenty of green things in neat (and only slightly crooked) rows. The interim month was spent with shovels in hand, rebuilding our raised beds and digging out paths; transplanting as fast as humanely possible; and ferrying our precious box of seeds between home and the garden, in an attempt to keep our seeds from rotting in all this rain. Those first few weeks we spent every waking moment in the garden—a few hours every day after our respective jobs, and at least 10 or 12 hours spread out over the weekend. Now, we’re finally getting to the point where we can scale back to something more reasonable—6 hours of “work parties” every week, and an hour or so of watering every day. Now, of course, it’s weed season: we’ve been getting more than our fair share of rain, and the weeds are simply loving it—time to grab our hoes, and maybe invest in some mulch.

– Alli

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