Local Food at Julia Child Day

17 Nov

Today is Julia Child Day at Smith College! Julia Child Day the most exciting Smith holiday for students. The lines at the dining halls start queuing up ten minutes early! Last year I never thought about where the food for Julia Child Day came from, I knew that it was different from the usual but I didn’t know anything else about it. This year, dining service’s website has information about the sources of the food being served on Julia Child Day.

At the dining halls many of the meals are made from local food.

Turkeys- Misty Knoll Farm, New Haven, Vermont

Chicken- Murray’s Farm South Fallsburg, NY

Mushroom Ravioli- Pede Brothers Schenectady, NY

Pumpkin Ravioli- Carla’s Pasta, South Windsor, CT

Tofu- Vermont Soy

Potatoes- Szawlowski Potato Farm, Hatfield, MA

Acorn Squash- Outlook Farm, Westhampton, MA

Ice Cream and Sorbet- Maple Valley Farms, Hadley, MA

Knowing this information I have even more respect for the amount of work the dining staff puts into coordinating this annual Smith event. So before you dig into your plate of turkey or pumpkin ravioli, think about where your food came from.

Nicole Downer, CEEDS intern

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