Notes from the Field Station: Construction Update

9 Dec

If you have been up to the Field Station recently you may have noticed the new utility trench that was dug to deliver all the electric and high speed internet cables to the new building. At this point all cables are in place and the trench has been backfilled. It is important to note that due to the building’s photovoltaic arrays the BEC will be producing more power annually than in uses, however, it is required to be grid tied for redundancy.

In the slideshow below you can see a young oak sapling on site, which has been selected for a special role in the form and function of the new building. This tree will be used inside the building as a column in the multipurpose room, similar to what is show in the concept drawing below. Architectural details such as these are referred to in the Living Building Challenge Standards as “biophilic” design elements, which act to “nurture the innate human attraction to natural systems and processes.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lastly, at present all concrete has been poured for the foundation (floor and walls), and the construction team plans to have the building completely framed with a roof on during January.

Jessa Finch (’12)

MacLeish CEEDS Intern

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