Notes From the Field Station: Student Involvement in MacLeish Site Design

15 Jan

The design work of a recent Smith alumn, Corey Eilhardt (’09), has been selected for implementation at the MacLeish Field Station in conjunction with the Bechtel Environmental Classroom project.

Corey Eilhardt's final pavilion model

Corey was an architecture major who designed an open-airpavilion for the field station intended to “build upon Smith College’s liberal arts system” and “include all areas of academic study.” Her design will be used as a conceptual model and modified with the help of a current senior architecture student in order to fit the existing needs of the site. Corey will work closely with the student through skype, email, and other methods in order to flesh out details of the project such as material selection and any necessary modifications. For example, the central chimney from the original design will be shifted against one wall and the elaborate furniture will be exchanged for a more flexible multi-use space. Although not intended for this specific location, the unique slanting roof of Corey’s design is perfectly suited for capturing views of the Holyoke Range.

The pavilion will be constructed this summer, after the completion of the BEC, on a small area to the northeast of the building. It will be surrounded by an edible forest garden to be designed by stride student Elena Baum (’14).

-Jessa Finch

CEEDS MacLeish Intern

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