Love the Planet on Valentines Day!

14 Feb

Make a Valentines day card out of recycled materials or newspapers and magazines! You can make envelopes out of any kind of paper. If you have a plain envelope, you have a pattern! Just disassemble the envelope and cut out your choice of material around it. If you want to make multiple envelopes and want a more sturdy pattern, you can first cut out the shape of the envelope on cardboard.

Large envelope pattern on cardboard salvaged from the recycling (Made by Elaura Dunning)

Small Envelope Pattern on Scrap Paper (Made by Elaura Dunning)

Once you cut out your pattern fold the edges together to form the envelope. With a glue stick, glue together the bottom three flaps, leaving the top flap open so you can put your card inside. Another method of envelope making is to use a standard envelope and attach the newspaper or magazine page to it with glue.

Envelope made from a standard envelope (for structure) and a magazine page

For the card, start off with some blank paper, preferably recycled, and attach images from the magazines or newspapers. For more texture, you can also add found objects, fabrics, ribbons, and buttons. Here is a card that was made with some construction paper and magazine clippings.

Nicole Downer 2014

CEEDS Intern

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