Notes from the Field Station: Construction Update

5 Mar

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As luck would have it, the BEC’s metal roof was installed just in time to protect the building from our first significant snow event of the season. Despite accumulating almost a foot of snow last thursday, the interior of the building has remained shielded, allowing construction to continue within the building as planned. In addition to the completion of the roof, the concrete floor has now been poured and carpenters are busy framing out the interior of the building, defining rooms and closets. As an aid to this construction update, Reid Bertone-Johnson, the Field Station Manager, has assembled a short time-lapse video capturing the last three months of construction.

Last Friday architecture student Seneca Gray (’13) met with Scapes and the lead carpenter on the BEC project to discuss the plans for the pavilion she is co-designing with recent Smith alum Corey Eilhardt (’09). Specifics of this collaborative project were discussed in a previous post that can be found here.

Lastly due to the dedication of Scapes and our highly accommodating winter, the BEC construction team has recovered some time, putting us back on track for completion of the building, for all intents and purposes, by the end of May.

-Jessa Finch (’12)

CEEDS MacLeish Intern

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