CEEDS and Student Orgs: Smith College Community Garden

6 Apr

Before Spring Break members of the Community Garden came to CEEDS to plant their seedlings. The students’ seedlings are currently sprouting in a sunny window at CEEDS. The plants will be transported to the community garden plot near Lamont House. In the the summer, students maintain the garden. Throughout the summer students raise arugula, red oak leaf lettuce, radishes, kale, herbs, beets, carrots and much more! Members of the Community Garden meet at CEEDS on Wednesdays at 7pm. The students planted lettuce, beets, peas, and tomatoes. The Community Garden aims to provide organic seasonal vegetables and flowers for its members and Smith’s dining Services for use in the Dining Halls and the Campus Center Cafe.

Last summer CEEDS and the Botanic Garden co-sponsored an intern to work at the community garden plot.  Allison Langley ’13 helped to maintain the Smith campus under the supervision of Gaby Immerman from the Botanic Garden. One day per week she turned her attention to developing the Community Garden as an educational resource for Smith, CEEDS, and the new Environmental Concentration on Sustainable Food. During the summer, Allison contributed to the CEEDS blog about managing the garden and tracked the garden’s outputs (produce production quantities and timing) and logged garden inputs (labor, water, and materials such as seeds, straw, mulch, etc.)

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