The ENERGY DASHBOARD competition begins!

16 Apr

Smithies, wipe your feet! Clean up your carbon footprints! In order to help students understand their energy impact while at Smith, the Office of Sustainability has installed energy dashboards  in some residential houses. The energy dashboards  (accessible at: measure, in real time, the power use and carbon emissions for each house. The houses that currently have energy dashboards are Chapin, Hopkins, Lawrence, Morris, Park, and Park Annex with the remaining houses set to get their own in the near future.  Last Friday began a friendly competition to see which houses could reduce their energy consumption by the most.  Students are working with their housemates to bring their electricity use below the house baseline (see below). The house with the greatest percentage reduction between April 14th and 20th wins!

House baselines:


Residents of the winning house get a supply of Just Soap, a hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, locally manufactured natural soap made with human pedal power! (

Additionally, the college will purchase enough renewable energy credits to offset half of the houses’ base baseline carbon footprint for one year (104 metric tons of CO2)!

If you want to learn how much power your digital devices or other appliances use-in full use or while turned “off”- stop by the Office of Sustainability in CEEDS (Garden Level, Wright Hall) and sign out a “Kill-a-Watt” meter.

For more info, contact the Office of Sustainability by emailing Carole Fuller, Interim Director of Sustainability at: or Gary Hartwell, Energy Conservation Project Manager at:

Nicole Downer, CEEDS Intern ’14

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