Siiri Bigalke ’15 at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development & Rio+20 Days of Dialogue

16 Jun

This series follows Siiri Bigalke’s time at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development which was followed by the Rio+20 Dialogue Days. Please note that these blog posts are re-posted from Siiri’s blog: and are backdated to the June dates of the conference, June 13-15 with negotiations concluding this past week on June 22nd. 


The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development officially began with it’s first day of Preparatory Committee Negotiations. These negotiations will last from June 13-15, will be followed by the Rio+20 Dialogue Days, and then finally the High-Level negotiations with the Heads of States from June 20-22.

My day began by arriving early at RioCentro (the massive, monolithic venue of Rio+20), entering security, and registering for my badge. Once that was completed, all of the Major Groups attended a briefing session in which UN Major Groups Liaisons informed the participants on the process and logistics of the negotiations for the next three days. However, my work REALLY began with the Major Groups for Children and Youth’s (MGCY) Green Economy Task Force meeting following the briefing. The Green Economy Task Force is responsible for following the negotiating text regarding the Green Economy as well as making amendments on behalf of the Major Groups. These amendments are made to reflect the concerns and priorities of the MGCY. Once these amendments are agreed upon, then delegates from targeted countries are lobbied to support our amendments. The process seems rather complex – however it is an integral part of the MGCY’s presence at Rio+20 and ensures that the Youth’s concerns are reflected in the final negotiating document!

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