Growing Knowledge

1 Aug

In my last post, I wrote about all of the vegetables that were just about to ripen. Well, last week the garden exploded… with weeds! And once our very small army of volunteers got the weeds reasonably under control, we found more zucchini, eggplant, greens, garlic, and tomatoes hiding behind them than we could figure out what to do with. Volunteers have been taking produce home, and I’m eating vegetable stir-fry and eggplant for every meal.

In addition to weeding, watering, and picking produce, I’m learning about other things that have to get done in the garden. Alli taught me the best way to stake the tomatoes, and how to pinch off the suckering growth so they won’t get too crowded. Laying down straw under tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant keeps the crops a little warmer, suppresses weeds around them, and keeps the vegetables off the dirt so they won’t rot. Picking the scapes off of garlic plants makes the garlic grow bigger, and they get sweet and nutty when cooked. As I said before, I began this summer with hardly any gardening experience. I’m slowly figuring it out and piecing it together by reading books and talking to other garden volunteers. Suddenly I actually know the answers to some questions people ask, and the garden is seeming less overwhelming.

This Friday, August 3, we’ll be selling produce in the campus center, and on Saturday I’m having a tomato sauce workshop to preserve some of these tomatoes! We’ll be freezing and canning whatever we can’t eat now, and in December when I haven’t seen a fresh tomato in months, it’ll be awesome to be able to still eat from the garden.

Join us for a canning workshop! Details here.

Laura Sheys ’13

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