Apple Orchard underway at the MacLeish Field Station

7 Dec

Clarissa Lyons, ‘13, Emma Brown, ’13, Ellena Baum, ’14, and Emily Dixon, ’15J. have ordered the trees for the apple orchard designed by Tia Novak, ’13.They selected eleven varieties and a total of 57 trees specifically for Smith’s unique requirements – no apples ripe before students return in September, pickable apples guaranteed for Mt. Day, and the CEEDS annual cider pressing. Apple varieties include: Black Oxford, Freedom, Golden Russet, Goldrush, Jonagold, Liberty, Northern Spy, and Sweet 16. Two Asian Pear varieties round out the collection: Olympic (Korean Giant) and Yoinashi.

Regenerative Design Group  recommended soil amendments which have been delivered and tilled into the soil along with  5 yds of great compost from  Bear Path Compost, and Roaring Brook Excavation performed the custom work to remove rocks and till the material into a hard-packed 100 year-old hay field.  We’ll work on deer exclusion cages this winter and will be ready to plant as soon as the trees are shipped from Cummins Nursery in April when the ground thaws.

– Reid Bertone-Johnson, Field Station Manager


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