How do you connect to your local food system?

18 Jan

In late September, a lucky coincidence landed me at a weekend about local food systems at the Glynwood Center in New York state. Not knowing what to expect, I was blown away by the beautiful grounds, the interactive programming, and the contingent of enthusiastic and knowledgeable students attending. Virginia, the Director of Community-Based Programs at Glynwood was at the heart of organizing the event. She was hoping that our weekend at Glynwood would spark “Aha!” moments in the students about how local food works. I didn’t have any epiphanies, maybe because my learning curve was too steep… But I had a lot of “Wow!” moments. The Glynwood weekend was like an immersion in sustainable food. I learned a ton, despite getting zero homework done, and I was inspired by how big and vibrant the local food movement is. The mindmap [below] is an attempt to digest my current understanding of what a local food system means. Cheers to filling it out!
-Maya Kutz, ’15, Environmental Concentrator: Sustainable Food

What does a local food system look like

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