Getting a Jump on Life Beyond Smith

2 Apr

Like many seniors at Smith College, I am in the process of figuring out life after commencement. Finding the right job, internship, company, or organization to work for takes time, and applying to countless opportunities can be a very arduous task.  Some of the tactics that have helped me and some of my fellow Smithies successfully land interviews, gain contacts, and even secure jobs and internships over the past few years include are listed below:

1) Connections, Connections, Connections!

  • Reach out to former professors, bosses, supervisors, and co-workers, in addition to family and friend connections in the desired industry. Even if they are not in the exact line of work you wish to pursue, they might have connections—either personal or professional—in the field that will help you get to the next step.
  • Reach out to former Smithies—the alumnae directory can allow you to identify alums working your dream job who could help you discover possible positions or connections.  Even recent graduates working in your field of interest may be able to provide you with information about vacant positions or internship opportunities within their office.keyboard-job-search

2) Identify companies, businesses, or organizations that you would like to work for, regardless of their vacant positions. Even if no current openings for your particular skill-set exist, try to find an individual who you can contact directly—they might be aware of an opportunity that is not yet posted or could be impressed by your drive to work in the field and offer to create a position.

3) Companies and organizations are often members of forums, organizations, networks, and initiatives.  Identifying these connections could help you discover similar companies or organizations with job opportunities.

4) Last, but definitely not least, keep track of all these job applications! I record the company/organization name, job title, job posting link, date applied, and contact name in an excel document.

Never leave any stone unturned! Explore all your options!

We all have preferred methods of identifying and landing internships and jobs—please use the comment box to share a tip that you think could help other Smithies!

-Emily Dwyer, ’13

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