Feeding our Hearts and our Heads

29 Nov

Have you noticed the new signs in our dining halls –maps, information about animal by products, and information about food available locally? These spiffy visuals are the work of the environmental science and policy capstone class (ENV 312) as they focus on community environmental issues right here on campus. The students have been taking a closer look at on how much of Smith’s dining food is local, where it is coming from, and what the student response is to local foods on campus.

For example, this week new maps have gone up in dining halls to highlight the food being served that is produced locally. Did you know that yogurt from Sidehill Farm comes right from Hawley, MA (28 miles away). Also, since last January, Smith College made the transition to using ALL cage free eggs provided from a local grower in NH. In the winter, many of our carrots, radishes and parsnips are supplied by Winter Moon Farm and transported the 4.5 miles to campus via bike cart!

local map

In addition, table tents and small handouts about our rBGH-free milk, available in many dining halls from Guida Farms in CT, can be found scattered around dining halls. Keep your eyes open for special meals featuring locally grown meat, such as Thanksgiving dinner and Julia Child’s Night, where products come straight from Massachusetts farms.

By showing your appreciation for these efforts, students can support Dining Services decision to purchasing more local, sustainable food that feeds us better and helps our community farmers at the same time! Look for the yellow sticker that denotes local food in dining halls today.

Also, please share you thoughts and feelings about our food on campus by taking our survey. It takes just 5 minutes of your time, and you could win a prize for participating!  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1DRjYkItu1loN56SGOn0BdeajSsu5_tnWCIXjy-MD8IM/viewform

Bridge 1 circle 3

-Hanna Mogensen, ’14
CEEDS Intern

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