Leadership*- Day 2

7 Jan

What a beautiful day today was! It was definitely cold, but the clear, sunny, brilliant blue skies and the landscape beckoned, so after a morning considering some of life’s big issues– you know, like what path to take after graduating, how to not only face, but learn and grow as a result challenges and failure– most of us set off to explore. (I should say, this was after yet another delicious lunch provided by Chanterelle Catering.) We came back gratefully to the heated building and a warm drink, freshly invigorated and ready to hone our skills at op ed writing.

winding paths


BraveThey all said they were smiling, but it was a bit hard to tell with all the layers!

HoningIn                                    Honing in on the perfect lede sentences.


Tomorrow is our final day together, but we are all looking forward to our conversation with a number of “environmental” alumnae from each of the Five Colleges. The workshop will wrap up at 5:30 p.m. with the lecture “From Earth Day to Tomorrow: Environmentalism in the Digital Century” given by Denis Hayes, president and CEO of the Bullitt Foundation. A seasoned veteran of many legislative, cultural, and courtroom battles over the years, and the author of numerous books and articles, Hayes is probably still best known for having been National Coordinator of the first Earth Day when he was 25. The lecture, held in the Neilson Browsing Room, is free and open to the public.

-Joanne Benkley, CEEDS

*The workshop is sponsored by Smith College and Five Colleges, Inc., with support from the Thoreau Foundation. The effort is also a three Centers collaboration! Thank you Jennifer Walters, director, Center for Community Collaboration and Jessica Bacal, director, Wurtele Center for Work and Life, for everything.

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