Smith’s SGA Sustainability Committee Sponsors Successful Vintage Sale

10 Dec


On Friday, November 21st, Smith students swarmed the lower level of the Campus Center for a Heroes and Villains vintage sale. There were racks of colorful flannels, jackets and dresses and tables layered in purses, jewelry, belts, and shoes—and a busy stream of shoppers all day long. Students threw on and off jackets, laughed at ridiculous jumpers and ran back and forth between the bathroom and the sale racks to try on outfits and to check out their glamorous new looks in the mirror.

red dress

Buying and selling vintage clothes—in fact any type of used clothing—can make a great impact on the environment. It’s a great way to reduce waste and reuse styles. Recycling fashions further awards you with unique outfits and quality items. But more significantly, your clothes tell a story.




With such inspiration, Heroes and Villains Vintage was founded by two Hampshire College alums. Vintage enthusiasts, they road tripped around the U.S. after graduation, exploring the country and collecting vintage items from thrift stores in big cities and lone main street towns. Upon return to Northampton, they found they had accumulated more clothes than they knew what to do with. And thus, in a bout of entrepreneurial spirit, the business was born.

bootsSelling primarily to college student crowds (we college students do love vintage and good deals!!) they were welcomed to a day at Smith College. Duly noted, a few furious shoppers hung around for over three hours, debating different sweaters and leaving only to return with more friends.

The SGA Sustainability Committee, which received 20% of the profits, declared the sale a great success. And as I can attest, more than a few students asked: “When is Smith having the next vintage sale?”

-Odessa Aguirre is a senior at Smith College from Sonora, California. She studies Anthropology with a focus on immigration and Spanish. When she is not at Smith College, she is somewhere sunny and warm. Her future plans include backpacking in every feasible mountain range–and for the non-feasible mountain ranges, she has plans to train as a mountaineer.

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