It’s Coming on Summer at the MacLeish Field Station

17 Jun
A good day to mow in the fruit orchard has finally arrived. Our electric UTV is back from the shop and the trail-behind mower is in good working order. The field grasses have reached about three feet in height, and we need to keep the rows and fence clear.
 We’ve had our first sighting of fruit since we planted the orchard in April of 2013. Golden Russet and Gold Rush – both cider apples – were the first to appear. I noticed them for the first time this morning!
IMG_20150612_103131488A first crop of cider apples is set.
 I also got a nice surprise as I was rounding the corner of the Keeper apples. I startled a female turkey from her nest – situated nicely between the rows of Freedom and Black Oxford varieties. IMG_20150612_102227152
A clutch of ten turkey eggs in the orchard nest!
  Summer is a nice time to get some work done at MacLeish. We look forward to welcoming everyone back in the Fall. We may even have a few apples for them!
 – Reid Bertone-Johnson, manager of Smith’s Ada and Archibald MacLeish Field Station and lecturer in the Landscape Studies Program.

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