The grass is now greener!

22 Jun

As part of the renovation of College Hall’s landscape, the steep slope on West Street was dug up to facilitate the creation of a retention wall and to bury telephone and electric wires. After being torn up, the steep slope was replanted with a turf grass alternative! This is a further test of more sustainable turf options that require less mowing, pesticides, and maintenance.  The ground cover that is being planted is from the genus liriope, which also covers the embankment next to the Campus Center. Liriope, also known as lilyturf, is a hardy ground cover that helps prevent soil erosion. Depending on the variety, it is great at spreading out and providing coverage for large swaths of land, either in sun or shade. Even better, some of the lilyturf planted was salvaged from next to the Fine Arts Center instead of being demolished and relocated alongside the new plants.

IMG_2571 IMG_2572

IMG_2574 Planting liriope on the side of College Hall by West St.

Planting liriope on the side of College Hall by West St.

Campus Sustainability and CEEDS are excited to see new ways to keep our campus literally green and more environmentally friendly!


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