Summer Student Update: Alexandra Davis ’18

10 Aug


Hi! I’m Alexandra Davis, a rising junior and Research Intern in the Office of Campus Sustainability. This summer I decided to spend my time on the Smith campus, taking my research a step further to develop a Green Office Certification Program for faculty and staff.

I had the opportunity to network with the sustainability directors at a number of schools, including Boston University and Tufts University, and to discuss their implementation methods for their respective certification programs. Combining my ideas with some of their advice, I created a program for Smith which features a checklist across six different categories: energy, waste minimization, recycling, green meetings, purchasing and culture and learning. Those categories capture the essence of sustainability at Smith.

The program will be piloted with a number of offices this fall and my hope is that it will help faculty and staff feel included in the sustainability initiatives of the college and foster competition between offices to see how green they can be!

The best part of this project has definitely been the people I had the opportunity to meet and work with–and the fact that this program, for which I toiled in Excel for weeks, will actually come to fruition!

Plus I got to pet a Tsum Tsum and walk into Paradise Pond after the drawdown (for an experiment that other students were working on!)

Tsum Tsum



So I now have the luck of a double rainbow on my side!


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