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Curricular Enhancement Grant: Oceanography Cruise!

11 Apr

Each year CEEDS invites proposals from faculty (and teams of faculty) for modification and enhancement of existing courses that will support the CEEDS mission—to graduate women who excel at integrating knowledge across disciplines in support of environmental decisions and actions. Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting some of the excellent and creative work of the faculty who have utilized these Curricular Enhancement Grants. If you have questions regarding Curricular Enhancement Grants please contact Joanne Benkley at jbenkley@smith.edu.

What a beautiful day it was last Friday…the shining sun and the gentle breeze provided the perfect weather conditions for an oceanographic cruise!

Professor Sara Pruss’ GEO 108 class (Oceanography: An Introduction to the Marine Environment) ventured out to Fishers Island Sound in CT last Friday to partake in a cruise where they were able to collect field data and apply classroom-learned concepts to the natural setting they found themselves in–the OCEAN!

It was a great day all around, and there were even three Mount Holyoke students that decided to partake in the adventure.

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This week the class will examine the plankton it gathered and analyze the data it collected on temperature, salinity, and oxygen.

This kind of experience in which students are able to take part in an off-campus project makes their acquired knowledge seem so much more relevant back in the classroom. –> If oceanography is of any interest to you, make sure to stay tuned over the next few days for postings about GEO 108’s study of the devastating 2011 tsunami in Japan…

CEEDS Intern, Angela M. ’14