Trying My Hand at Scientific Journalism

6 Oct

This summer, as I wrote about in a previous post, I helped the Bellemare lab with research surrounding the effects of hemlock tree decline in western Massachusetts. The research projects going on there inspired me to begin working on an article concerning their work. I hope that this article will shed light on the environmental issues going on in our own Western Massachusetts backyards as well as the hard work being done by researchers such as Michelle Jackson ‘15, Elizabeth Besozzi ‘16, Anna George ‘17, and Aliza Fassler ‘17. Furthermore, I hope to communicate the importance of research facilities such as Smith College’s MacLeish Field Station, where much of the research pertaining to hemlock forests by the Bellemare lab takes place.

I am passionate about both writing and science, especially ecology, and as I work to complete the requirements for both the biological science and English majors here at Smith, scientific writing is one of the career paths that I am considering. I am convinced that clear and effective scientific journalism- the communication of scientific data into colloquial terms without compromising scientific integrity or complexities- is the key to creating a more informed populace. Only then can decisions be made, individually and communally, that truly benefit and fulfill the needs of both people and the environment.

I hope to have the article completed and submitted for publication at some point this fall and will post again with an update!


-Isabella Fielding ‘17 is a junior from Warwick, RI. She is majoring in biological sciences and English and aspires to be a scientific writer.

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